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Join myself and Benjamin Maze on a two-weekend workshop at the astounding and unique Wollemi National Park!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this workshop has been postponed until further notice. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and sorry in advanced for any inconvenience.


In part one of this workshop, you will learn how to capture dramatic, unique and refined images from two experienced landscape photographers as we camp overnight to explore this different and diverse location. Located under 5 hours out of Sydney, Wollemi National Park is home to winding rivers and large rock formations, creating an alien landscape that is incredible to explore and photograph. We will be shooting sunset, astrophotography and sunrise, making the most of the conditions we are given.



In part two of the workshop, we will spend the following Saturday extensively covering post-processing over Zoom, with both of us performing two start-to-finish edits each of images we capture during the workshop, with time for questions and explanations about our methods. You will get to see in-depth how myself and José work on our images, with varying techniques and workflows that you are bound to learn plenty from.


Should conditions allow, an extensive focus will be placed on astrophotography instruction as we capture incredible dark night skies several hours away from light pollution. Ben and myself will be teaching many topics, including:

   - Planning your composition with apps such as Photopills

   - Basic and advanced settings for best capturing the night sky

   - Focusing in the dark

   - Creating stunning Milky Way panoramas


Other photographic techniques to be taught include:

   - Creating engaging compositions and telling a visual story

   - Exploring different kinds of light

   - Focus stacking for front-to-back sharpness

   - Using your camera in full manual mode for maximum control over image quality

   - Understanding and utilising the histogram

   - Exposure blending and high dynamic range compensation

   - Enhancing light naturally in Photoshop

   - Colour theory























*Image not captured at workshop location


Group size 

5 to 8 participants


When and where?

Part 1 - Wollemi National Park from the 19th to the 20th of September

Part 2 - Post-processing instruction via Zoom on the 26th of September


What to bring?

  •    DSLR camera (full-frame recommended)

  •    Ultra-wide-angle lens (between 12mm-17mm full-frame or equivalent)

  •    Sturdy tripod

  •    Any other lenses for more tight-crop compositions; a telephoto is recommended for some creative photography

  •    L-Bracket for your camera to be able to do the panoramas

  •    Accessories (memory cards, batteries, headtorch, remote shutter release, filters)

  •    Comfortable walking/hiking shoes + a second pair of footwear for campground use and comfort

  •    Warm clothes (thermals, down jacket, fleece, windbreaker, gloves, etc.) - temperatures can drop      significantly once the sun sets

  •    Tent (can only be shared with another participant if they are a family member due to COVID restrictions)

  •    Warm sleeping bag and sleeping mat

  •    Food and beverages suitable to be prepared at a campsite + any cooking equipment necessary   

  •    Low to medium fitness level required



$850 AUD ($50 deposit) for two days of practical, on-location instruction and a third day of extensive post-processing instruction

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