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SUNWAYFOTO T3240CM Tripod Review


In this Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod Review, I am going to share with you my personal experience using this tripod of the Master Series from Sunwayfoto.


Are you tired of using heavy, clunky tripods that weigh you down and limit your photography potential? Look no further than the Sunwayfoto T3240CM tripod. This versatile, lightweight, and compact tripod will revolutionize your photography experience and open up new possibilities for your creative potential.


After spending more than 6 weeks photographing New Zealand and Iceland, I can't stress enough the importance of a sturdy tripod in landscape photography. During this time exploring these amazing and beautiful countries, I have encountered some of the most extreme and dramatic conditions I’ve ever experienced, from the torrent of glacier waters raging down the snowy mountains to crazy wind gusts blowing over 100km/h. Having a trusty tripod to face these severe situations is key to getting sharp photos and it becomes even more important when doing astrophotography. 


As a professional landscape photographer, there are some things I consider when choosing a tripod: stability, lightweight, versatility and durability. I always look for a reliable tool to hold expensive equipment regardless of the conditions. 

The Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod is being a dream to use, so let’s check it out! And keep reading to enjoy a special discount code for any Sunwayfoto product.

Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod in a landscape location



At first sight, these are the specifications of the Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod:


Model:  T3240CM

Number of Leg Sections:4

Tube Diameters(mm):32/28/25/22

Height with legs folded:52cm

Height with legs extended:8-140cm

Platform Diameter:75mm

Weight:1.55 Kg

Load Capacity:25 Kg

Leg angles: 23°, 55°, 85°

Mounting Screws: 3/8"



The Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod comes with a quality tripod carrying bag, a 75mm bowl adapter, 3 Spiked feet and a set of Hex Wrenches.

Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod on-site architectural photography



A couple of things that pointed out to me about this tripod were: a solid payload/weight ratio, size and optional accessories. At 1.5kg weight, this carbon fibre tripod is not the lightest tripod for long hikes but the payload lashes this out, especially during extreme conditions and astrophotography. It holds up to 25kg, and even though I don’t usually have such heavy equipment, it is really useful when using my star tracker for astrophotography where stability is vital to getting pinpoint stars.


Size is always important while travelling around, and at 52cm I can fit it easily in carry-on luggage and attach it to my hiking backpack without sticking out. 

The optional accessories are an incredible complement to this tripod; the column centre and the levelling base bowl add extra versability taking this tripod to the next level.

Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod under the stars



After seeing the essential specs of this Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod, let me show you the features that I enjoy the most so far:

Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod and a ballhead

Quick action twist locks


As I mentioned in my previous review of the Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod, I was a bit sceptical of this lock system because of the rubber material used. Still, as of today, these sealed quick-twist locks are working seamlessly. They are waterproof and dustproof, making this tripod more durable when used for seascape photography, probably my favourite type of photography. The rubber material normally suffers from dilatation in abrupt temperature changes but so far after gelid nights followed by really hot days, the locks are still working with no issues.


The material feels good and it has a decent grip, furthermore, the air vents located at the top of the legs allow you to extend and contract your tripod smoothly.


I will update this if anything changes, but it would have been nice to replace the rubber with Titanium like other brands incorporating this material because it lasts longer and is easier to maintain. 

Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod rubber locks

Centre Column 

This Sunwayfoto T3240CM comes with optional accessories to enhance its versatility. The centre column is fitted in the replaceable platform hole, adding an extra 33.5cm height. This centre column is really sturdy. While other brands opt to screw an additional centre column to the top of the tripod platform, Sunwayfoto’s decision to assemble it to the exchangeable platform is key to keeping the original stability of this tripod. Sometimes I use this tripod to shoot architectural photography and this column allows me to fine-tune my compositions quickly and easily.

Sunwayfoto offers different bowl adapters and half bowl accessories to pair with this system, making this tripod super versatile and useful for videography or photography by swapping the platform or bowl. 

The drawback of this system is the need to unscrew 6 Allen bolts in order to replace the platforms. While the big brother of this tripod, the Sunwayfoto T3240CM, incorporates an easy way to switch platforms without tools, you will need a hex tool and some time to interchange your platforms.

Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod details


The T3240CM tripod is super versatile. I normally use it for my landscape photos but It’s also a pleasure to use it for my tracked astrophotography or even for my architectural photography shoots which thanks to the centre column I can compose my shots easily.


Also thanks to the multiple mounting holes located at the base and at the top of the legs, you can easily attach more accessories to boost the tripod functionality.

Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod in Iceland



Sunwayfoto offers multiple ball head choices to be paired with the T3240CM tripod. It’s sold together with 3 different options:


EB-44 Epic Series: From the EPIC Series of Sunwayfoto, this ball head is made specifically for travellers. It is a low-profile ball head 20% lighter than the equivalent in other series, thanks to its hollowed design. The weight/payload ratio is really good making this head the perfect option for travelling or hiking. These are the main specifications of the EB-44 Epic Series ball head:


Material: T6061 Aluminum

Ball Diameter: 44mm


Net Weight:365g

Load Capacity:18KG

Base Diameter:58mm

Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod Geared Head

XB-44DL: This is an ultra-low profile ball head, ideal for those looking for an extra point of stability and sturdiness. The ball is lowered by more than 15% compared with the previous head with a considerable payload gain. This was my personal choice as I was looking for something more versatile and able to hold heavy equipment. This model comes with a Quick Release Clamp but if you are not a friend of these types of clamps, there is also a version with a screw knob clamp. Let’s see the main specs of the XB-44DL:


Material: T6061 Aluminum

Ball Diameter: 44mm

Height: 79mm

Net Weight: 460g

Load Capacity: 25KG

Base Diameter: 58mm

TH-55G: If you are looking for something extra sturdy this one should be your go-to. The TH-55G is a low-profile ball head that holds up to 35kg. It is solid and super compact and it is also such a good-looking ball head! It is heavier than the previous heads and incorporates a separated friction knob. It comes with a lever-release clamp and it is ideal for professional photographers using heavy DSLRs or astrophotographers. These are the specs of the TH-55G:


Material: T6061 Aluminum

Ball Diameter: 55mm              

Height: 97mm                     

Net Weight: 739g

Load Capacity: 35KG

Base Diameter: 72mm

Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod

If none of these ball heads suit your needs you can check more Sunwayfoto Ball heads here.



Before wrapping up this review, let’s see briefly the pros and cons of the Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod:



  1. Competitive price

  2. Super compact 

  3. Versatility

  4. Good height and an optional centre column.

  5. A fast and well-designed lock latch system



  1. Silicone twist locks instead of Titanium

  2. Screwed interchangeable base

  3. Stickers ripping apart after a couple of months



My experience with the Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod is really satisfactory. I’ve been using it for the last few months including a whole month in Iceland and it worked like a charm, performing flawlessly in even the toughest conditions.


The Sunwayfoto T3240CM tripod proved to be an impressive piece of equipment during my time using it. Its versatile design, lightweight, and compact size made it a valuable addition to my photography setup. Despite some areas that could be improved, the T3240CM exceeded my expectations and solidified Sunwayfoto's rapid progress and strong positioning in the market where Sunwayfoto is leading the way in providing photographers with the tools they need to succeed. With the T3240CM tripod, they have once again demonstrated their commitment to providing photographers with reliable and effective tools.


I hope that this review of the Sunwayfoto T3240CM has helped to dispel any doubts you may have had about purchasing this tripod. Don't hesitate - the T3240CM tripod is a game-changer and will greatly enhance your photography experience!


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Good light everyone!

Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod in Iceland landscapes
Sunwayfoto T3240CM Tripod and a Canon Camera

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