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Jose Luis Cantabrana Award Winning Photographer


I'm a photographer based in Sydney, specializing in architectural photography. My photographic journey commenced during my studies in Interior Design back in Madrid, Spain. Photography became a central focus of my education for two years, and it was during this period that I first embraced the art form using my father's camera. Since then, the camera has been a constant companion, allowing me to embark on a continuous visual exploration.

My background in Interior Design has proven to be a valuable asset in my photography endeavours. It has equipped me with a unique perspective, enabling me to comprehend the intricate ideas and concepts behind my clients' designs. This understanding, in turn, enriches my photographic compositions as I strive to capture and convey the essence of these designs through my images.

While travelling the world, I also developed a deep connection with Mother Nature and found landscape photography the best ally to represent my emotions and feelings when surrounded by nature. It is the intersection of architecture, nature and the interaction of people, that truly captivates me. Capturing the symbiotic relationship is the pinnacle of my artistic pursuit. It propels me on a journey of perpetual discovery and creativity, as I seek to articulate the harmonious interplay between architecture, people, and the ever-changing landscapes surrounding us.

Let's work together!

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