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Versatile Wonder: All-Terrain SUNWAYFOTO T3650CM Tripod Review

In this Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod Review, I am going to show you my experiences with this stunning tripod of the Master Series from Sunwayfoto.


My first recommendation when it comes to camera equipment is always to get a good tripod during your first steps in photography.  A sturdy tripod is a key to getting sharp photos and in many types of photography is essential, like architectural photography. 


As a professional architectural photographer, I look for three things when choosing a tripod: stability, ease of setup and versatility. On my day-by-day, my tripod is, without a doubt, the piece of equipment that I use the most and the one holding thousands and thousands of dollars, so I need one that I can fully trust.


This Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod fulfils all my needs, so let’s see why! Also keep reading to get a discount code for any Sunwayfoto product.



At a glance, these are the specifications of the Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod:


Model:  T3650CM

Number of Leg Sections:5

Tube Diameters(mm):36/32/28/25/22

Height with legs folded:52cm

Height with legs extended:9-160cm

Platform Diameter:81mm


Load Capacity:25KG

Leg angles: 23°, 55°, 85°

Mounting Screws: 3/8"


Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod with geared head



The factors that tipped the balance of this tripod were weight, payload and size when folded. At 2.1kg weight, this carbon fibre tripod is fairly light so it allows me to move around houses and areas without aches in my back, yet solid and sturdy.


Holding up to 25kg, this tripod allows me to pair it with a geared head ( I use the Sunwayfoto Geared Head GH-PRO) and heavy camera gear like tilt-shift lenses, telephotos or even panorama heads. I also pair this T3650CM Tripod with my star tracker when shooting Astrophotography where stability is crucial.

Packing compact is one of my particular requirements so I can fit the tripod in the boot of my car without any issues but also pack it when travelling for work or my astrophotography adventures. Normally, the more sections the more shaky and unstable a tripod is, but this tripod with just over 50 cm when folded, as a result of the 5 sections, is still reliable and well balanced with no signs of shakiness. 

( Note: As you will notice in this review, I’m using a Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod with 6 sections. I contacted Sunwayfoto beforehand to see if there was a chance to add an extra section as I needed a bit more height and they were more than happy to help me and test the tripod for me. The max height of this customized tripod is about 190cm. If you have any ideas or special requests give them a shout and they will be more than happy to assist you. 

Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod with geared head



The Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod comes with a quality tripod carrying bag, a 75mm bowl adapter, 3 x Spiked feet and 3 Allen keys.




We have gone through the main specifications of the Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod, but these are the features that I am enjoying the most about this tripod and are making my day-by-day way easier:

Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod with rubber lock

Quick action twist locks


At first, I wasn’t entirely happy about this lock system because of the silicone and plastic material, but now that has exceeded my expectations.


These sealed quick-twist locks are also waterproof and prevent sand, water or dust from getting into the system. Sunwayfoto claims that thanks to the “super-fit silicone” they won’t get loose with time or after being submerged in water for a long time. The ergonomic shape and seamless surface of the silicone feel quite good on your hands with good grip when tightening or loosening the legs and the overall process is smooth and simple as a result of the air vent holes at the upper part of the legs.


Time will tell if this lock system is good enough. In my opinion, it would have been better to implement this system with another material like Titanium that lasts longer and require less maintenance than silicone and plastic.

Interchangeable platform / Bowl


This Sunwayfoto T3650CM comes with a replaceable platform so you can switch between different accessories depending on your needs. The included accessory is a hollowed-out flat platform with a ⅜ inch screw so you can match it with any head. You can change the platform without any tools by simply loosening it and pulling the security lock.


Sunwayfoto offers different bowl adapters and half bowl accessories to pair with this system, making this tripod super versatile and useful for videography or photography by swapping the platform or bowl within seconds.

Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod hook

Counterweight hook


Under the base of the interchangeable platform explained above, there is a newly designed hook to add more stability when shooting in harsher conditions. Sunwayfoto incorporates this hook into the different accessories for this system. I personally use this hook when I fully extend the legs and even with the extra section added the tripod is solid as a rock. 

Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod legs with camera on top

Angle selection


The T3650CM tripod has 3 different angle stops, at 23°, 55° and 85°. The lower the primary angle is the less stiff and more chances of tipping over so this is definitely more important than it sounds.  A lot of companies narrow this angle to increase the maximum height of the tripod so finding a good balance is key here. 


The primary leg angle of my previous tripod was 21.5° and got knocked down twice while fully extended (with lots of $$$ expended in camera repairs) so I was looking for a tripod with more stability setting a wider primary angle but still high enough to cover my needs. I’ve found the angle of this tripod ideal for my demands. Also, at 85° the widest angle allows you to get closer to the ground with a minimum height of just 9 centimetres, allowing you to get closer to the foregrounds in your compositions. 


To adjust the angle of the legs you simply have to pull the lock latch and adjust the legs accordingly. This lock latch system is well designed and it works nicely.


Another interesting thing that annoyed me at the beginning but I do love it now due to its versatility, is that the legs don’t have a minimum angle when closed so you can cross them to get different perspectives like getting really close to walls.

Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod open legs

Multiple mounting holes


While most of the brands opt for adding extra mounting holes at the base of the tripods, Sunwayfoto uses the screws from the leg joints to add these mounting holes. The T3650CM tripod comes with three ¼ “ and one ⅜” mounting holes to connect accessories and extra equipment enhancing the tripod's functionality.




Before concluding this review, let’s see at a glance the pros and cons of the Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod:



  1. Competitive price

  2. Good load-to-weight ratio 12:1

  3. Super compact and great max. height

  4. All-purpose tripod; good for photography or videography

  5. A fast and well-designed lock latch system

  6. Multiple mounting holes for accessories




  1. Silicone twist locks instead of Titanium

  2. The Tripod bag doesn’t fit the tripod with a geared head

  3. Not enough variety of bowl accessories like a centre column

  4. Stickers feel cheap and already peeling off after some months of usage

Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod architectural photography



In my opinion, the Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod fulfils all my needs without breaking the bank. It is all I was looking for in my architectural photography and thanks to its versatility, it’s been a great surprise to be able to include it in my landscape photography gear, especially for astrophotography.


It is light, compact, sturdy and tall, very tall, allowing me to shoot facades over cars and fences while keeping the stability intact. As a result of the interchangeable platform, it is ultra-versatile and regardless you do videography or photography this tripod is the solution you are looking for.


My experience after using the Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod for several months now is quite satisfactory, becoming a reliable friend during the shoots. There is some room for improvement but considering the fast growth and evolution of Sunwayfoto over the last few years I’m sure that the best from this brand is yet to come.


I hope you find this Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod Review useful and please, do not hesitate to contact me or leave me a comment in the section below if you have any doubts or concerns. Also, if you have any ideas or particular requests about any Sunwayfoto products, don’t be shy, give them a shout and they will be happy to help!

Also, follow this link to enjoy a temporary 10% discount when buying any product from the Sunwayfoto Store and use this Sunwayfoto promo code to get an extra 8% discount: JLC8


Good light everyone!

Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod with geared head
Sunwayfoto T3650CM Tripod with geared head and camera Canon

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