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The Stories Behind come from the idea of transporting you to my memories, to experience all the small stories behind the camera and all the feelings and emotions that all come together and determine the final photo.

Some of the journeys are brief, in many, the tracks I take are long, tedious and exhausting, while others are spontaneous, sporadic and exhilarating. Persistence is key, while effort, patience, setbacks and physical pain are all endured before I even take my camera out of the bag.

The time taken to scout, devise and think up is substantial compared to the actual camera handling. For me, previewing the final image is essential, having a specific purpose or idea in mind helps me to take home everything I need for the image I pictured. However much I attempt to plan a shot while photographing landscapes, there is always something you don't expect as there are so many factors out of our control and being able to change and adapt to suit your situation and surroundings at that moment, takes time and experience.

​I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do!

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